About us

TAXAPA Company

We started in the year 2010 essentially we growth learning on Automotive Business (DMS) and ERP processes in dealerships. Automotive with IT told us how to manage complex challenges. 

We stayed on the customer, SW Vendor, and SW Integrator side over various IS&ERP projects, implementations, and rollouts. It provides us a unique “3D” business view.

We stopped seeing problems and challenges as obstacles but as the way how we can improve.

We implement process optimizations applying invaluable experiences gathered during our professional journey. 

We become enthusiasts of the 80/20 rule (the Pareto principle) in optimization efforts. We developed our methodology on it. We are continuously improving things to stay “lean.”  

We are a team of ambitious people, eager to learn and improve, looking at trends across diverse industries to develop solutions best fittings our customers’ requirements.