ISTQB certificate

Our company is a part of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board known as ISTQB® .

Our testers are ISTQB® certified. This standardized qualification for software testers brings our professional services to a top-shelf level.

Software testing is a survey conducted to provide customers with information about the product’s quality and ensure it meets the requirements that directed its design and developments.

Our company’s philosophy is to keep our employees highly educated and support them with a long-term educational program.

More details:

ISTQB® Certified Tester is a standardized qualification for software testers and the certification is offered by the ISTQB®. The qualifications are based on a syllabus, and there is a hierarchy of qualifications and guidelines for accreditation and examination. The ISTQB consists of 66 member boards worldwide representing more than 100 countries as of May 2020.

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