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Jul 20, 21

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The MoSCoW prioritization technique is our recommended way to prioritize acceptance criteria, product changes, or quality criteria in managing projects.

It is a precise, straightforward and effective tool to interact with stakeholders about what is guaranteed to be delivered by a project.

MoSCoW stands for:

Must have (essential and critical for the business)
Should have (important, but not critical for the business)
Could have (useful, but not critical for business)
Won’t have (out of scope, but important to record)

For us in TAXAPA, the MoSCoW technique is preferable assistance in defining scope tolerances, supporting the Prince2® principle

“The manage by exception.”

We want to propose to our clients always best practices supporting the right tool and technics.

Happy Children’s Day

Jun 01, 21
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We wish a delightful day for children all over the world. May the innocence in their smiles and the purity of their hearts stay forever. 



May 16, 21
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We in TAXAPA are keen to apply the PRINCE2® methodology for project management. PRINCE2 fits our company opinion of how to manage IT projects precisely.  

For instance, we always consider six aspects (Scope, Plan, Risk, Quality, Benefits, and Cost) with reasonable tolerances to decide the right path to go. On the other hand, Prince2® principles and themes assist in establishing the project tools and company benchmark.  

We are constantly:  

looking at the suitable business case, 

learning from experience,

establishing project team and responsibilities, 

cutting the projects to manageable stages and plan them properly,  

providing project tolerances and fitting project controls,

managing projects products with a focus on the best quality, 

tailoring projects according to the size, people involved, and environment. 

With Prince2, we found the appropriate tools for managing risk, controlling changes, and communicating effectively.  

Because we understand that the business world is constantly evolving, and project management must adapt to it. We refresh our knowledge. We recently completed training and certification of the newest PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation successfully, and we want to do it further. 

Product Focus

Apr 14, 21

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Product Management is the backbone of product/project success. 

In TAXAPA, we attended product management courses and product management certifications to scale our skills and understanding of product development, strategy, pricing, and further. 

We aim to apply gathered knowledge to assist in technology-based customer projects from the product perspective, especially in evaluating pricing and licensing approaches. 

We patiently follow our company vision:

Excellence is a matter of steps, education, and training.

Read more:

Happy Eastern

Apr 03, 21
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Here is to hoping this Easter holiday brings your family health, peace, and lots of enjoyment. Happy Eastern from team TAXAPA

Functional Requirement Analysis (80-20 Rule)

Mar 29, 21
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Functional Requirement Analysis is an integral part of the top-down process of translating system-level requirements into detailed functional and performance design criteria. Our goal in TAXAPA is to learn, test, or adapt existing principles to improve our skills and offer our customers the best outcomes.  

There is a great principle, which we use to understand which functional variables have the highest cumulative effects on the application’s usage.    

The Pareto principle, also knows as the “80-20 rule,” says that, for many events, approximately 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Mr. Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) was a genial Italian engineer and sociologist who observed 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. Later, the same phenomena (“80-20 rule”) were detected in different spheres of the everyday world. 

We in TAXAPA become enthusiasts of the 80/20 rule. We developed a part of our methodology on it, and it works immensely. We apply Pareto Charts and procedures mainly in requirements analysis, and it helps our customers visualize what matters most.  

We recommend our customers the right path to go.

Prince2® Project Management Methodology.

Mar 18, 21

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We recently conducted an online presentation for our potential customers who demanded to adequately understand project management’s definition, scope, and prerequisites using Prince2® Project Management Methodology.
An indeed excellent idea, especially once you found yourself staying before initialing complex IT projects.

Excellence is a matter of steps, education, and training.

We are adding sample slides from this event. Click on the link below.
Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

E-Shop Implementation

Feb 24, 21
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We recently conducted market research for one of our customers by choosing e-shop providers who could best fit customer requirements, timeline, and price range. There are three pillars one must take into account by e-shop implementation. 

How to find parts and parts information (TecDoc, Microcat..)

How to access available catalogs (price, availability..)

How to process orders (ERP, DMS..)

Undoubtedly, more players may join the three pillars club. CRM Integration, Messaging providers, etc.  But those three you should not ever skip. Think about that. 

Do you need similar research for your company? 

We can arrange how to do it right. Contact us:

TATRA – Parts Update solution

Feb 10, 21
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TATRA has been manufacturing cars since 1897 and one of the oldest automotive factories in Central Europe.

The Koprivnice automotive maker, known under the TATRA brand, ranks among the oldest car and truck factories globally. With more than 116-year continuous activity, TATRA has significantly influenced the Czech Republic’s automotive industry and abroad.

We are pleased we had the opportunity to serve with a parts master update solution for our customers in Slovakia. Regular parts updates create transparency towards customers and underline the quality of services TATRA automotive maker is well known.

for further details, refer to:

DAF dealer in Slovakia

Jan 16, 21
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We are pleased we renew a support contract with the largest DAF dealer in Slovakia. Company STABO decided to extend our cooperation for 2021.
Our objective remains the same. Provide excellent support, professional services, and expertise in the field virtually.

Following our vision, we believe the Win-Win situations are best in building long-term relationships and partnerships. Our cooperation with company STABO is proof of that.

STABO and TAXAPA partnerships since 2010.

for further details check> STABO