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May 16, 21
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We in TAXAPA are keen to apply the PRINCE2® methodology for project management. PRINCE2 fits our company’s opinion of how to manage IT projects precisely.  

For instance, we always consider six aspects (Scope, Plan, Risk, Quality, Benefits, and Cost) with reasonable tolerances to decide the right path to go. On the other hand, Prince2® principles and themes assist in establishing the project tools and company benchmark.  

We are constantly:  

looking at the suitable business case, 

learning from experience,

establishing project team and responsibilities, 

cutting the projects to manageable stages and plan them properly,  

providing project tolerances and fitting project controls,

managing projects products with a focus on the best quality, 

tailoring projects according to the size, people involved, and environment. 

With Prince2, we found the appropriate tools for managing risk, controlling changes, and communicating effectively.  

Because we understand that the business world is constantly evolving, and project management must adapt to it. We refresh our knowledge. We recently completed training and certification of the newest PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation and Practitioner successfully, and we want to do it further.